* Common Core: New Age Menace to Catholic Schools

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Parents and laity understand that when 132 prestigious Catholic professors from around the country take the unusual step of writing a very strong letter to protest the use of Common Core State Standards in our Catholic schools, that there is real substance to our opposition. Parents are not alone in the fight against the against the education establishment,which has, for the most part, bought into the premise, if not all the content, of CCSS.

(Here is the letter from the professors that critiques CCSS :

On the other side of the debate, and holding most of the cards for the moment, is the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA). NCEA is not an arm of the USCCB, but it does advise the bishops on education. NCEA is anxious to accommodate the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has given NCEA $100,000 to train Catholic educators in Common Core implementation in our schools. Thus NCEA is fully on board with CCSS and has initiated a “Catholic” version called Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative (CCCII)

Sister Dale McDonald serves as director of public policy and educational research at the NCEA. She is an enthusiastic cheerleader for CCSS.  Sr. McDonald on why Catholic schools may as well adopt CCSS:

“…the text book manufacturers, the test makers, the people who produce materials, professional development, the schools of education, all are focusing on their materials to complement the Standards… (Catholic schools) have our own culture…(but) in a couple of years it’s going to be very hard to buy materials …it’s going to be hard for our teachers to go to professional development that matches what they are doing, so maybe we need to think about adopting the standards…
It is instructive to look at the connections that reflect how it is that Sr. McDonald arrives at her support for CCSS, which teaches 12 years of a worldview that is opposed to the Catholic world view. In a review of CCSS aligned texts and teaching methods  (separate from the rigor –or not– of the standards themselves) it is clear that the philosophy and worldview behind CCSS is not human centered, but is about “transformation” of the world in the direction of earth-centeredness, a sense of oneness with the earth, sustainability as sacramental work,  and a convergence toward a global community, where nation states recede and students are educated to become “global citizens” –this is the goal. And of course, one must be educated to take one’s position, especially the work or career position, in this globalized world.   Hence the CCSS promotion of “work force ready” education.  (The general understanding is that students are to be groomed as global worker bees.0

In the link below you’ll find that there is a there is a similar worldview in the mission statement of the Presentation Sisters, the Congregation of Sr. McDonald of the NCEA.  The Presentation  Sisters have partnered with the United Nations on various educational missions. Presentation International Association is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the United Nations , and enjoys “consultative status” at the U.N. Therefore it is to be expected that Sr. McDonald would urge NCEA and the CCCII  toward  her Congregation’s mission and collaboration with the United Nation’s view of education and world citizenship.

Here is the statement on the Presentation Sisters  (PBVM) website about their support for the Earth Charter, a document most Catholics understand as a form of idolatry of creation rather  worship of God, the Creator.
“Our 2003 endorsement of the The Earth Charter imbued within us “sustainability” as specifically defined by the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations. This most noted definition of sustainability reads: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without … substances Reduce encroachment on nature Sustainability is a justice issue. We lobby for peace and justice through the Presentation NGO at the United Nations. “We stand in solidarity with the International Presentation Association (IPA) 2007 ‘Directions for Mission’ statement by educating ourselves …

More from Sr. McDonald’s own community:
“As Presentation people impelled by the radical gospel of Jesus
and on fire with the spirit of Nano, we consciously choose to be drawn
more deeply into the mystery of God, the mystery of Oneness and
the reality of people and Earth made poor.Energized by this evolving consciousness we engage in expansive partnerships that move us to personal and systemic transformation.(International Presentation Association 2012 “Directions for Mission” Statement) Create space for contemplation and new ways of expressing evolving consciousness of our interconnectedness with all creation, especially with those made poor.”


And more from the PBVM congregation:

•  Form international working groups when needed, to assist in bringing information and experience from those engaged in grassroots ministry to our IPA personnel at the UN.
•  Enhance communication by using technology creatively to share resources, to promote interest groups and to provide educational material about the work of the UN.  (Adopted 2012)
Presentation Quest, an immersion and service program sponsored by the Sisters of the Presentation, promotes learning about the root causes of poverty and the need for earth sustainability, and their impact on global injustice. Created to raise awareness of injustice and oppression; to form right relationship with people and Earth, http://www.dubuquepresentations.org/ministry_sponsor.cfm


More resource links  on Common Core State Standards and Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative for concerned Catholics:


My previous post on Common Core http://maryjoanderson.net/main/?p=282


Patrick Reilly and Anthony Esolen discuss CCSS with  Raymond Arroyo in the World Over. Discussion begins at the 11:45 mark on the hour long program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xCDBoJ1uFE

Jane Robbins, Senior Fellow at American Principles Project on data collection on students and their families via CCSS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYnteSxVMjw

Professor Gerry Bradley of Notre Dame on CCSS.


Please, take a moment to pass on this information to your friends and families, pastors and teachers.

I regret that I am too busy to host a forum (but thanks for asking!) on CCSS and CCCII. However, please do send more research links or comments at mja@maryjoanderson.net


Keep the faith !

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* Common Core is An Assault on American Children

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Recently I taped four episodes at EWTN on the topic of Common Core with Johnette Benkovic of Women of Grace.

The enormous interest in Common Core is exploding across the nation as parents realize what has happened to their neighborhood school–paid for with their tax dollars.


Why Common Core Doesn’t Add Up


For the purposes of this post, I will simply give my own assessment, followed by valuable links so that you may do your own research.   The stakes are the highest–your child’s mind and heart. If that sounds dramatic, please disprove me–I could use a few nights of sleep.

This is why Common Core is a threat to American children:

1.Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is substandard to the education requirements in most US school districts.  CCSS admits it is aimed at entry to an average junior college.

2.CCSS does not prepare students for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,Mathematics) majors. CCSS math standards are less than needed for most college majors. Furthermore, students receive credit for math errors. Where computations are wrong, a student still receives credit for drawing a picture of the process used to solve the problem. Conversely a student whose computation is CORRECT is penalized unless they also add the corresponding drawing.  In this way a student whose math computation skills are lacking is still given a passing grade.

3. CCSS literacy is far short of the literacy level that was typical of an American  8th grader in 1925.

4. CCSS is anti-American in its tone, content and philosophy.   Elementary aged children do not learn patriotic songs or poems, nothing to help a children feel proud to be American, to belong to their country. The  U.S. Constitution is not studied within the context of the American Revolution. Numerous examples of  Marxism  and Marxists are glorified in CCSS aligned material.

5. CCSS aligned texts are anti-natural family. There is a deliberate attempt to promote “various forms of families” and to demote the natural family unit of father/mother/ children.

6. CCSS claims to prepare students for a “global work force”, a concept that is antithetical to the purpose of an education. The philosophy is simply wrong. “Work force ready” populations are a Marxist planned economy strategy. Free people educate thinking citizens, not worker bees for a global economy. Economic readings point to a collective/ Marxist philosophy.

7.CCSS suggested texts for English include material that is pornographic, under the guise of ethnic or cultural relevancy. Some of these texts include incest, sado-masochism, and brutality. At a time when we are trying to combat “bullying” on school campuses, how does reading “literature” which features sexual bondage work toward that goal?  Even social liberals who are comfortable with “various forms of family” should be alarmed by the violence portrayed in some texts.

8. Taken as a whole the materials associated with CCSS are intended to produce a person who trusts the government more than a family or a church, who understands himself as  part of a collective and obligated to government requirements for work and health, and who is unaware of his individual political rights or the concept of self determination and personal responsibility.

9. CCSS   methods  employs behavior modification techniques to train a child to respond emotionally rather than thinking though an issue.   The question of “fairness” is applied to economics where “fairness” is an emoti0nal yardstick and cannot be an objective measure.  This is particularly used to teach class envy and  the worker vs. owner model of economics. Students are encouraged to identify with the workers, not inventors, entrepreneurs, landowners, or corporate leaders.

10. CCSS removes local and parental control.  A federal law prohibits the nationalization of American schools–this is a safeguard against tyranny. But CCSS is the method used to work around this law.  The strong tradition of America is that each community is free to educate their children as they deem best. This insures against a federal takeover of our communities, it insures that the rights of states and citizens are kept as local as possible.  Your children are not to be trained as contact workers  for a federal economy. Your children belong to you, and you should have control over what they are taught –and how. Once education  is in the hands of a federal force, your parental rights are null and void.

CCSS is part of a global push for a universal educational standard which in turn is part of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG).


Why do educators and politicians support Common Core?

Common Core State Standards  (CCSS) purports to be nothing other than a new set of educational standards. The idea is that by the end of each grade level a student should have mastered certain skills.  When a student graduates from high school, he should thus have acquired an education that prepares him for college admission.  This is a reasonable plan for any education reform.  If one does not look too deeply, the idea of CCSS is good–to increase the level of basic education for all students. Ah, yes, but, as we know, the devil is in the details and very very few of the school officials looked at the details until after it was too late and contracts had been signed and materials were purchased and grants were accepted.

It sounded good. However, standards are nothing more than a list of skills, unless, there is some method in place to achieve the listed skills. Common Core State Standards insists that it is not a curriculum, and certainly not a national curriculum. Technically this is true, but functionally it is a deception because CCSS does list “exemplars”, that is, sample  texts and materials, that they suggest would best help students achieve the necessary skills.  And these aligned materials are nothing short of toxic to American founding principles and culture.

Worse still, in order to determine if a student has met the standards, there are assessment tests. These tests allow testing administrators to gather vast amounts of data on your children.  In the past such data was gathered in aggregate, such as, “17% of Friendly Valley High School seniors have learning disabilities.”  Under CCSS however, this data will be gathered by name and social security number, creating a permanent record of each child’s educational journey, relationships, disciplinary matters, health problems, emotional state, and even questions that relate to family relationships, religious and political views.

In short,  the CCSS system is creating a vast national data base that includes a personality profile, a health profile and a family profile in additi0n to educational achievement data.

Each state was “free” to sign on to CCSS or not.   Forty Six states accepted federal education stimulus money, the price of which was to implement CCSS.  Now, in all of these states, there are parent groups opposing CCSS. In some states, the state legislatures are backing away from CCSS. Help your state overturn CCSS. Fight this assault on your children by joining  a group in your state today. TODAY.


More information here:









More resources coming soon.

Keep the faith!










So various textbook publishers and other education vendors have



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* Novena to the Immaculate Conception

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Please  pray for our nation: The Novena to the Immaculate Conception, which can begin today, concludes on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December8th.  Our bishops have consecrated the country to The Immaculate Conception twice in our history–she is the patron of our nation. Pray that we recover our faith in God.



O God,  who by the Immaculate Conception
of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
did prepare a worthy dwelling place for Your Son,
we beseech You that, as by the foreseen death of this, Your Son,
You did preserve Her from all stain,
so too You would permit us, purified through
Her intercession,  to come unto You.
Through the same Lord Jesus Christ,  Your Son,
who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, world without end.



Read more: http://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/novena/immaculate.htm#ixzz2DjqPVlxb



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