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The “economic stimulus package”  jinned up by House Democrats includes over $300 million for  sexually transmitted disease prevention and education (p.147).  Publicly Obama asked that Pelosi’s provision for government funded contraceptives be removed from the stimulus plan.  Who is fooled by this slight of hand?    The begged question? IF Madam Pelosi thinks too many babies are a government economic problem ( the reason for her contraceptive push) why not simply let STDs ravish the population–it can cause sterility.

All attempts at ironic humor aside, it is clear the new administration is using the screen of economic malaise as a means to catapult their anti-family, anti-life agenda into immediate action.

January 17, 2009

The attack on families continues at the international level.

Clips from recent news on the fate of the family in the near future…

First, a clarification from  the Vatican spokesman attending the World Meeting of families in Mexico City this week :

MEXICO CITY, January 16, 2009 ( – The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Family has issued a clarification of remarks by Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, reiterating the Catholic Church’s condemnation of homosexual sexual acts.

The clarification followed Antonelli’s statement to the media, made yesterday during a press conference at the World Meeting of Families in Mexico City, that “the homosexual experience must stay within the confines of a private relation, a relation between friends.”  The quote was picked up by the French Press Agency in its reporting on the meeting.

Seeking to avoid a misunderstanding over the Church’s teaching on homosexual behavior, Subsecretary Carlos Simon Vazquez held a second press conference, stating that “affirming that homosexuality is something private, the President of the Pontifical Council for the Family did not intend to justify it.”

“The cardinal simply emphasized that homosexuality does not contribute favorably to the structuring of people and society,” said Vazquez. “The exercise of homosexuality does not reflect the truth about friendship.  Friendship is inherent to the human condition in which there are relations of closeness, support, and cooperation, in a polite and friendly climate.  Friendship should be lived in chastity.”

Full Translation of Statement of Fr. Carlos Simon Vazquez of the Pontifical Council of the Family on the immorality of homosexual behavior.

More here:

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The news is full of president elect Obama’s invitation to the practicing homosexual bishop, Gene Robinson–an invitation praised by evangelist “super star”, Rick Warren.”

This is a fig leaf that Obama is pasting over the angry demands made by liberals– and particularly the homosexual groups– when Obama invited Rick Warren to give the invocation at the Inaugration. The addition of Episcopal bishop Robinson, whose homosexual lifestyle is open and obvious–and the source for the raw  wound in the U.S. Episcopal Communion–is an attempt by the Obama administration to comfort the gay groups.

But the take away message is that the Obama administration will be “gay-family-friendly”.

Meanwhile, China piles new fines onto those couples who violate the one child only policy…

Some years ago British author PD James wrote a novel, Children of Men .

The storyline of the novel is that no one has had a baby in a generation, humanity is dying out. Ravaged streets feature roaming gangs, vast boulevards of uncollected trash (what is the point, life is soon to be extinguished) and wailing grown women carrying around baby dolls.

IF we are tempted to laugh off such a plot line, recall reports in Japan of hot selling items Baby dolls for grown women. Amazing life like dolls that coo and burp. (note: the dolls in the video  are very disturbing for some people)

Japan of course is one of the most rapidly aging nations on earth–after Russia. 

I have a theory–I am surely not the only one who holds it–that the economic crisis is partly due to the destruction of the family. I know it is a stretch, but a brief point to spare you a dissertation on the topic:

When people no longer have children, what does it matter what lies in the future?  If the nation is bankrupt in 40 more years, what do I care if I have no children to live in that future world? If I do not care what happens to the next generation, then I justify “getting all I can get” in my generation.

Pray for families and those who make family policy.

More to come on this topic.

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